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Deborah was born into a home with parents who loved to dance. She danced the waltz and polka on her dad’s feet when she could barely stand. At a very young age, her parents would take her along to all the lively Ukrainian and Polish weddings. Deborah would always find a dance partner and be up for every dance. On other occasions in her youth, Deborah would find herself trying to keep up with her aunts as they did the Red River jig and the Jive.

At the age of three, Deborah started Tap Dance lessons. She continued dance lessons through her life, going from tap, to jazz, to country dancing. Deborah grew up in the Disco and Country era and spent a lot of time out on the dance floor. She always loved being on stage, whether it was dancing, modelling or entering pageants. Deborah was one of the ten finalists for the Miss Manitoba pageant and performed tap dancing for her talent.

Deborah then began teaching tap dancing to children in her community. She enjoyed choreographing their performances. In time, Deborah discovered ballroom dancing and fell in love (with the dancing and her current husband, Chris)!!! She became a certified instructor and began teaching ballroom. Her ambitions and dreams of dancing on stage had become a reality. Deborah strongly believes in continuing education and takes acting classes as a compliment to dance instruction and performances.

Deborah has now taught many dance classes and performed in many dance exhibitions throughout Winnipeg and Manitoba. She and her husband have taught dance on cruise ships and, while on vacation, in the Dominican and Mexico. Deborah was an instructor with Winnipeg’s first “Dancing with the Celebs” fund raiser for SMD Manitoba. She was in a TV commercial advertising this event. Deborah¬† and her husband have co-taught dancing in Selkirk, Gimli, and City of Winnipeg leisure programs for many years. She has also taught in the Royal Canadian Legions. Deborah’s highlight to date has to be teaching at Shirley’s Dance Studio, where she has been be-friended by fellow instructors, students and of course, Shirley herself. It is a joy to be in such a fun loving, supportive environment.¬†

Deborah’s formal education includes a Psychiatric Nursing Diploma and degrees in Bachelor of Nursing and Masters of Education in Adult Education. She has held positions as a Psych. Nurse, a public health nurse, a nurse educator and a community mental health worker. Because of her education and experience,she recognizes and promotes the many benefits of dance including physical, psychological, social and spiritual. Deborah believes that dance is the common bond across all ages and cultures. What can be healthier than a meaningful bond with others? “Feel the Music and Dance”

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