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Brad did not start dancing or show any interest in dancing as a child or even as a teenager. He was always tripping over his own feet and had trouble walking and chewing gum at the same time…somewhat clumsy. It was a real shock to family and friends when Brad started country dance lessons in the spring of 1992. After a year of continuous practice, he started line dancing.
Brad soon began entering local country dance competitions and surprised himself by even winning a few. His true joy for dance was starting to show. During the spring of 94 he was welcomed into the Desert Range Dance Company where his dance skill and leadership became extremely evident. Shortly after assisting in the production of several line dance/two step and country dances Brad was introduced to the ballroom dance scene at Shirley's Dance Studio.
He couldn't get enough, lesson after lesson, paycheque after paycheque, he was hooked. This was a definite challenge for Brad. His passion and joy for dance really shone through.
Brad began entering Ballroom competitions May of 1995 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Calgary, Alberta and here locally in Winnipeg, Manitoba. In Sept 96 Brad started teaching line dancing and country dance steps for various local bars and City of Winnipeg activity programs. By 1997 Brad was teaching Beginner Ballroom to people with no dance history at all, who seemed to have the same difficult time as he had. To this day Brad shocks people when he tells them he instructs ballroom dance, especially the "boys" he drives long haul truck with. Brads biggest thrill still comes in the form of showcases for the elderly; disabled and acute care patients who just love to watch dance. He still gets very eager and excited when Shirley asks him to do showcases. Brad really enjoyed his time teaching swing to youngsters of all ages at local and rural schools. His time teaching Swing and Ballroom to young and old alike at the German Club was very rewarding.
His one true gratification is teaching and choreographing wedding dances. Although Brad drives truck and is self employed in the computer industry he enjoys teaching beginners and revels in their excitement of mastering moves.  Brad surely believes dance is an excellent way of keeping active.
Brad Wallace owes it all to his mentor Shirley Caron of Shirley's Dance Studio and is very proud to be in the company of such fine instructors.

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